The Eastern Professional Electronics Association (EPEA) began in 1955 as a local non-profit association in Norfolk/Virginia Beach. It was then called the Virginia Electronics Association of Tidewater. After much intra-state "missionary work" by the founding members, it became a full-fledged state association in June 1965.

The people who originally created VEA and those who have since populated the EPEA had and have similar ambitions, similar needs, and similar problems. They felt then and continue to feel they can remain friendly business competitors while working with and learning from each other as professional colleagues. They believe that  combining their industry efforts is the most effective solutions to their common professional needs.

The primary goal of the EPEA is to promote improved technical expertise, profitable business management knowledge, and fair and ethical business practices. These are aimed at benefitting the consuming public and the overall industry while improving the lot of its members.

EPEA is also proud to cooperate with other organizations that enhance, promote and safeguard both the consumers of electronic products and the electronics service industry.